Saturday, January 4, 2014

Changing Eyelashes

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great start of the year. Let's look forward to a better year, shall we? :)


Before the 2013 ends, I wanted to do something for Alice. She is my first and favorite doll, but she is the least customized of my three. Looking at her face-up, she looks like she'll need  a new one soon - but I'm not yet ready to change her face. So one thing I can change for now is her eyelashes.

When Alice's original eyelashes started to fall off, I decided to try to replace her old lashes using human false eyelashes. After finding a pretty and cheap pair of falsies at a local department store, I decided to install them by cutting the lashes into small pieces and glue them in them one by one. This trial resulted in a very amateur output.

Here's a photo my first attempt to put on eyelashes on her:

The lashes were nice and thick. It was too long as expected, considering they are human eyelashes. They also looked pretty, but didn't look nice on her as my application was extremely shoddy. Aside from the odd positioning, I also managed to dab some glue on the lower half of the lashes which made them hard and straight. Alice looked elf-ish with them too, which was not her 'look'. But mostly, I was unhappy with it since the lashes cast a shadow on her eyes and made her look extra sleepy. I managed to tolerate this for a few months, until I found the right lashes to replace them.