Monday, January 30, 2012

Starting Over

Hello non-existent followers! XD You may have noticed that most of my posts are gone, and I only left the small FAQ post. I deleted them because I'm not happy with how I wrote them. See, I've been in a blogging rut for a long time. I've been trying hard to re-start since I killed/abandoned my thrifting blog ages ago (that blog did pretty well, IMO). I stopped blogging for a year, then created a crafting blog a few months ago, left it, started a BJD Tumblr blog (its still alive here and has a decent number of followers, teehee), and now I made this BJD-themed blog. Well, well, well.

I've been itching to write, to share things I made, my musings and what-not. There are a lot of things I wanted to share, but I lacked the initiative to actually take photos, sit down, and type down a post. Way to go, self.

Anyway, here I am again, trying to get back into this blogging thing I once loved. Maybe, just maybe, I can actually make it work this time. I hope I can commit this time.

To get things started on my end, here's my game plan:

  • WRITE! I've made a number of BJD clothing that I want to share. I'm also whipping up some photostories. 
  • CREATE! As mentioned earlier, I make some BJD clothing. I'm actually working on a new set right now, which I should write about once I finish the piece.
  • TAKE PHOTOS! Or rather, organize photos. I have a bunch of photos in my drive, waiting for me to edit/post them. Most of them go to my BJD Tumblr, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to post them here too.
  • LINK UP! I know several people who have BJD-themed blogs. I should contact them to exchange links. I should also try to promote this blog, once I put up a nice number of posts.
So there. Sorry for the wall of text. I'll be getting back to regular (???) posting soon! To reward you for reading until this part, here's a photo of Alice with her friend, Maya.

Lets do this!!!

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