Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Won!

Wow. Just wow.

A few weeks ago, Sayou told me that Makoeyes is having a photo contest to celebrate their V2 eyes launch and she wants us to join. So I said, why not?

After taking some photos of Alice with her new eyes, forgetting to take new ones for Axis, editing Alice's shots, sending them to Sayou, who then posted our entries on the Gallery using Imahica's account, and waiting for Mako to announce the winners...

We won. We actually won! ~(;A;~)

Well, we got in third place. But still, we won! We'll be getting two new eyes from Makoeyes!

Getting new urethane eyes for one of my dolls was awesome. But the best part is that this is our first time to join a contest. :D

I sent Sayou three shots of Alice. She ended up choosing my favorite shot.

I really like this photo. Its as if Alice knows some secret but she won't tell me.I also love how the eyes pop out amid the yellow-ness of the photo.

As for Axis, I asked Sayou to submit my favorite shot of him.

That stare... >.>

Now I'm thinking about which of the two gets the new eyes. Other than their Makoeyes, Alice has a ton of 18mm glass eyes in a variety of colors, while Axis only has his two acrylics (the blue-green pair he came in with and a sky blue pair). Buuuuut I might choose the new pair for Alice. Favoritism at its finest.

Anyway, thank you Makoeyes! <3

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