Saturday, December 21, 2013

IG Photodump: MM Christmas Party + Random Elie Pics

I got an android phone as a gift last November, thanks to my BF! <3, and one of the first things I did was to get Instagram. I love how easy it is to share photos with it! My IG username is @madznievera. Follow me!

And now that I have an app that enables me to do quick photo uploads, I'll be doing a semi-regular Instagram photodump here. Please excuse the current layout, I haven't configured my IG with my Flickr yet so I have to use IG's embed code for now.

Manika Manila Monito Manika 2013

Manika Manila recently held our Monito Manika Christmas Party at Casa Patdes. It was Elie's first proper doll meet, so she got very excited to meet other kids.

Fun Fact: This photo is their very first family photo!

There were a lot of Tinies at the party (for Christmas is for children, lol). Elie was a bit shy around the other children though.

My crew with Kyra's (Devolvedarling) Kouta. I was checking if a YoSD would look nice with my current crew. So far, I can say that I like Kouta's size. And he looks cute as Elie's big brother hoho.

Yes, Elie can't stop doing the peace sign.

One of the best parts of our Christmas party is the dolly exchange gift! This year, Allebirthe's Champorada got Alice, Arvie's (4everinbluejeans) Maggie got Axis, then Jhul's (Yldenfrei) Ave got Elie. Thank you everyone for your gifts! We love them. <3

I forgot to post a photo of my dolls with the ones they got for the exchange gift. :))

Thank you Manika Manila mods for organizing another fun Monito Manika party!

Random Elie Pics

Elie is my constant companion nowadays. Since she's small, she can easily sneak in my bag to go to the office with me. I don't mind though, I love having her with me all the time.

She goes to the park sometimes to get some fresh air.

She also comes with me when we visit some friends. Here, she politely asked me if she could try swimming in the big pool. It was a no unfortunately.

I also changed her eyes from 14mm glass eyes to 12mm. I wasn't very fond of the 12mm ones, but I'm starting to like them now. Her new glass eyes are from Alice's Collections.

She also went to other parties where she meets new friends, like Snow Miku here.

She also got to hang out with her friend Cleo at the same party. Cleo is my friend's Hujoo Baby Suve.

I also recently celebrated my 25th cake day! I always have a doll with me when I celebrate my birthday (Alice on my 23rd, Axis on my 24th). My family and I went to Yakimix, a popular buffet restaurant here in Metro Manila.


Hello giant Cheese-kun!

Cheese-kun is the Pizza Hut mascot in Japan. He is also a character from the popular anime Code Geass. I was commissioned by a friend to make one for her cousin, who is a huge Code Geass fan. I hope her cousin likes it! <3


And that's it for today's Instagram photodump. 'Till next post!

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