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Manika Manila Halloween Meet 2012

Late post is late! This post has been in my draft for almost a month. OTL I would like to apologize in advance if there are any typos, grammatical errors, and overall randomess in this post.


The Manika Manila Halloween Meet is the most challenging (and craziest!) event of the year. Dolls are required to come in costume, so everyone must come up with their best costume for their doll. We don't really celebrate Halloween here in the Philippines, but it is the perfect excuse for us to dress up... our dolls. We held our meet at Camelot Hotel in Quezon City.

Last year, Alice went as the Black Swan.

This year, with two dolls in tow, I wanted to make 'matching' costumes for them and ended up choosing Hiccup and Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon.

But wait, there's more!

Toothless, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Toothless.

The idea came to me one slow day at work. It was about a month before the event and I still don't have a costume plan. All I knew was that I want to do a pair costume. Then remembered my friend who was waiting for my turn to make a Toothless plushie. So why not make them cosplay Hiccup and Astrid? And make a giant Toothless. D: I knew it was definitely a crazy idea, but I couldn't let it go. And so, Toothless was born!

But before I go into the details for my group, let me show you the awesome that is Manika Manila!

Amihan as a sarimanok, Naya as a wood-wife, Frei and Blake as fantasy characters (Sorry Jhul, I forgot what they are)!

I loved Naya's Wood-wife costume. Her owner, Arvie made everything, from the dress, to the wig, down to the mehndi tattoo on her hands and feet!

Blair and Miette of Catching Fireflies! Blair is wearing a Totoro inspired dress while Miette went as Mei (both from the movie My Neighbor Totoro). Both dresses made by me. <3

Keee~ Cute Miette is cute.

Lucy as a Kyubei, Starr as Sanzo from Gensomaden Saiyuki, and Bell as Rapunzel with Quib as Pascal (from the movie Tangled).

With his very own frying pan to boot! <3 (Bell is a boy)

Rheaiah, Ermiel, and Hisame as themselves (?). Chlo came as Gai from Guilty Crown (background).

Zephy as Sweeney Todd! <3

Sultana and Nicholai as a very very hot couple from the Stone Age (?). Sizzling HOT!

Dice as a SHARKHII! <3

June and May as the Pyramid head and Nurse from Silent Hill.

Wyvie as a beautiful blushing bride. Little!Rose (who looks like he's sleeping) is wearing his cute panda suit.

Violet went as Misaki Mei from the series Another! Who's the extra person Mei? ;A; She's surrounded by Giggles, Nata, and Cuddles. Aaah, Tinies. <3

Mystea in her usual colorful self and a very pink Althia. 

Rose and Endo as Hijikata Toshizo and Okita Souji (whose nameplate says OKhiita Souji. XD). Pretty boys. <3 You can see Silas as a very clean looking Joker behind them.

Vero and Axie as Aladdin and Jasmine! <3

Who had ABUnny with them. <3 Hai Stowee~

Lumie as a White Mage and Nao as Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles. Just look at Nao's staff! *u* Made of awesomeness.

I couldn't get closer to the other dolls at the back, so here's a group shot. There's Sultana and Nicholai (again), Crow, Zita, Sky and Kitt as four different versions of Loki, Diva as a very HOT Catwoman.

Another group shot!

Artemis and El in matching goth outfits. Ayiiii~ <3

And finally, Loro and Game as Malakas at Maganda.

We didn't have as much attendees as last year, but we definitely had fun! It was nice that we got a private function room for ourselves. :) Its easier to move around without worrying that we'll disturb other people.

It was easier to goof around and gush!

Plus it feels safer since most of us know each other. No random strangers lurking around! <3

One thing I love about Manika Manila is that all kinds of dolls are welcome! See that tiny passenger on Toothless?

Hai Gakupo! Axis likes him very much. No don't ask for a Nendoroid for Christmas please TAT.

Another pic of the HOT couple, Loro and Game. I love Crobi's tan resin. <3

At the end of the day, we voted for the best costumes aaaaand... we got the Best Group Costume! <3 @v@ We actually wooooon! ;A; Thanks to everyone who voted.  *huggles all* To see the pics of the rest of the winners, go to Nix's post here.


Extra shots!

I don't think I'll make another plushie in that size again. Or at least, make something that's smaller than me!

With some friends. * u *

Some costume details:

I didn't have enough time to make their costumes accurate, but I was able to make the 'key' parts of the costumes.

I used fleece for Hiccup's vest instead of fur to save time. Their shirts are made with cotton fabrics. Alice's pauldron was made with thin rubber sheets colored with a silver Sharpie. I didn't color the underside to avoid staining.

Astrid's skirt is made with thin leatherette with spikes. I had to individually attach the spikes by hand. ;A;

Alice: So... what should we wear next year?

Thanks for reading! <3

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