Saturday, November 24, 2012

Carry Me?

I never thought they'd be able to do this. Ever.

Axis: Hold on tight.

Alice: Please don't go any further. ;A;

Axis: Okay, okay. We'll stay here. 

Axis: Next time, we'll go all the way across the room. Ok?

Alice: Okay.

We just finished shooting a photo set with them plus Ziggy, when Alice suddenly asked Axis for a piggy back ride. She was afraid to go far though. XD 


Surprise second post of the day? 

Axis' body is not that stable. He can't hold his arms up for a long time. I can't even trust him to stand up alone for a long time! So I was very surprised when he was able to hold her in that position.

We cheated a bit though. Alice was off the bed, but she leans slightly on the bed. It still counts right?

Hee~ Achievement Unlocked?

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