Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Head Comparison: Doll Love vs. Iplehouse

A few weeks ago, some forum members on Den of Angels Doll Love (Large) discussion thread mentioned that they are having difficulty posing their doll's heads. I noticed this on Alice too, she can turn her head left and right, but can't look up or down. Its not really a bother, but it does limit the number of poses she make.

Meanwhile, Axis has no difficulty posing his head at all. He can look up or down with ease. So I decided to do a few comparison photos to check the difference between their heads.

Pretty profiles. :)
As you can see here, the base of their heads are constructed differently. The base of Axis' head is more 'straight' while Alice's has a bend towards the back.

Highlighted for emphasis.

Look up!

I can't make Alice's head move up at all. Axis can because the base of his head is 'straight' and no resin part blocks his head movement.

Highlighted here is the 'blockage' on Alice's head. The bend on the back prevents her from looking up.

I forgot to take a photo of them looking down, but Axis can because he has a bit of space towards the front of the base of his head. Alice does not have a space in that area. 

Having kips or sueding the head should probably help with the posing. Alice once has a kip in that area (it accidentally ripped so I had to remove it) and as far as I can remember, I can somehow make her look up and down a little. 

I'm not an expert, so I hope I was able to explain that properly. Any input will be really appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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