Sunday, April 21, 2013

Into the Woods

First off, I would like to congratulate the Manika Manila Mods for launching our very own Manika Manila Forums! Good job guys! If you're from the Philippines and you're interested in knowing more about the hobby, please go ahead and register. We'd love to have you there. :)


Its been a while since I last did a look book post. My first two looks were mostly handmade outfits. But this time, majority of their clothes are bought from various stores. Yay!

More details after the cut!

On Alice:
1. Face-Up - Default
2. Wig - Crobidoll
3. Beret - Dear Resin
4. White Blouse - M3 Studio
5. Pink Crystal Necklace - Dear Resin
6. Jeans - Cross Church
7. White Pumps - Dark Blue

On Axis:
1. Face-up - Me
2. Wig - Crobidoll
3. Bell Necklace - Dear Resin
4. Dark Gray Turtleneck Shirt - Dear Resin
5. Gray Hoodie - M3 Studio
6. Jeans - Cross Church
7. Boots - Dark Blue

This shoot challenged Axis' skills in standing on uneven surfaces. In the first place, he's not even that stable to just stand, what more if I made him stand on random branches. But he pushed through and gave me a lot of decent shots. I'll post his other 'poses' from this shoot in a short photostory next time. 

Thanks for looking!

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