Monday, May 13, 2013

A Little Announcement

Hello everyone! Sorry for the inactivity in this blog. This post will pretty much explain my absence, so read up! XD

Kikomachine Vol 9: Ilayo Mo Kami sa Apoy ng Impyerno! Woooh!!!

Yep, we actually moved! As in moved places! /o/ I now live in a different part of Metro Manila. Woohoo! XD We've been planning this move for a while, but there was a bit of issue for the actual move, so I wasn't able to prepare well. Which is why I still have most of my stuff at my Mom's place (yes, including my sewing machine. OTL). But don't worry, everything is fine and I'm currently in the process of moving most of my important stuff to our new place. XD 

To my local friends, I will tell you more when we meet! I apologize if I didn't mention this to anyone earlier. And I will be working on my pending clothing commissions as soon as I get my sewing machine to its new home (which will be in a few days). Wish me luck! :)

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