Friday, May 31, 2013

Two years

Time sure flies by fast.

I admit, I almost forgot about this day. Busy human is busy.

Two years ago, a special package came home to me here in the Philippines. I still remember my excitement to take her home from the customs. I was too excited to the point that I bugged my friend everyday to come with me and claim my package.

Aah, memories. 

She didn't change much since she came home. She had a LOT of wig changes though.

And now owns a lot of clothes.

She's been to places.

Got a new housemate.

Had her first birthday.

Joined a contest (and won!).

Trained a very giggly dragon named Toothless.

Celebrated holidays.

Went on a date with someone else (le gasp)!

Spent quiet nights at home.

And on.. and on.. and on.

I can't believe she's been with me for two years.

Happy Birthday Alice! Thank you for coming home to me. 

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