Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Éphémère Behind-The-Scenes

Aside from Axis and Kamael, a few more dolls attended our mini-meet for the Éphémère photoshoot. 

Alice and Mariposa was also there! <3 Plus one special guest below~

But before I show you the special guest, one more panel shot? XD

And a groupshot!

I find it kinda cute that we took a similar photo last year.

Oh, the changes. XD

Anyway, you may have noticed our tiny guest for the day.

Say hi to Lati Yellow Happy Bath Lumi. She just dropped by here in the Philippines and will be off to her new owner overseas.

Just a shout-out! Manika Manila girls, breathe! I didn't ninja a Lati. She's not mine.

Although she didn't stay here long, she seemed to have taken a liking to someone. * u * And I think the feeling was mutual.

Axis has a weakness for cute and small creatures/people.

And now, solo shots of everyone!




Alice <3

And baby Lumi~ Such a cutie.

It suddenly rained, so we had to run back inside the mall.

I took this chance to play with little Lumi. I'm not sure if I mentioned it on this blog before, I really really want a Lati girl in my resin family. I'll get one some time in the near future.

Lati Challenge Part 1: The Headstand

Lati Challenge Part 2: The One-Foot Stand

I liked Lati's renewal body. Its very easy to pose! I've read some mixed reviews about this body, but I like it and I think I'll get my future Lati in this body.

Last photo for this post:


Yes, they like each other. 

Thanks for reading!

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