Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Date with Alice: Despicable Me 2

Just a few days after watching Pacific Rim with Axis, it was Alice's turn to go out with me for a movie. Tom decided to come along as well.

Tom is just one of the minions we collected from McDonald's (yay Happy Meal!). We collected all yellow minions.

Webcam group photo LOL. We obviously like these minions.

Speaking of Happy Meals, there was a happy minion that day.

Tom: Ahehe, hello!

Alice: It's very nice to meet you Tom. :)

Happy Tom is Happy. :3

Noms while waiting for the movie!

One last photo of Tom and Alice. Oooooh, the life of a happy minion. 

Some random human pics. Please excuse our haggard looks. XD

One should have a photo with the minion tarp after watching the movie. XD

Shocked Carl is shocked!

Thanks for looking! 

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