Sunday, July 15, 2012

Single, Double, Slip Stitch

This morning while I was looking for some nice lace for a commission, I found the medium-sized plastic bag that I use to keep the bjd-related crocheted stuff I made. Out of curiosity, I decided to take them all out.

I think I need an intervention.

Berets on the left.

Beanies on the right.

See, I spend at least 3-4 hours of my day traveling from home to work and back. Its a huge waste of time! I could finish a dress or something with that. So to make my travel time productive, I crochet hats for my dolls. 

My Mom caught me taking pics and said "Sayo yang lahat?" (Are those all yours?). Well, not really. I'm planning to sell most of them on the upcoming Manika Manila Tiangge. GUYS PLS BUY FROM ME~ /shot

I usually make basic beanies or berets but when I get bored with making them, I make character hats.

Say hi to Cheese-kun!

Cheese-kun is a character from Code Geass. I never really watched the series, but my friend Meemz suggested that I make a hat like him. I was amused when I finished the piece. A hat with a hat! <3

I also have an unfinished panda hat. I already made one before for Atermis before, but it wasn't perfect so I wanted to make another one. Buuut, my second trial turned out to be too big! >.> I'm thinking if I should just unravel this one to do it again, or just finish it and hope it fits someone.

Anyway, all of the hats I have on-hand are for SDs! I'll make some for MSDs soon. If you're interested, your can buy them now (Price list here). :P I'm also open to hat commissions. Just leave a message here or shoot me an e-mail. :)


Random shot:

Cheese-kun is the king of crocheted hats!

Thanks for reading!

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