Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Boy

Every once in a while, I bring my dolls to work or wherever. Just because.

Axis is a very floppy boy. I already had him restrung, but he's still a floppy boy. I don't mind though, it makes him more cuddly for me.

They say Iplehouse dolls is known for being bad posers. I don't know, I think his posing skills are ok for me. He has to hunch a bit to sit 'properly' though. 

This fur wig is really growing on me. Before I thought fur wigs are ugly, but I take that back. When styled well, they look really good. At times, they even look more realistic than fiber wigs.

Life's been pretty stressful for me lately, but just one look at my boy makes me feel better. Maybe its his infamous Mars smile. Or maybe, it just because he's home.


Sorry for the random post. I'm currently working on a commission plus a bunch of MSD sized hats. Hope to back to regular programming soon! <3

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