Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sweet Day

Alice and Axis like spending quiet afternoons outside our house, pretending they're on a picnic in a nice garden under the sun.

Alice: We are not allowed under the sun Axis. Its bad for our skin.

Axis enjoys playing video games. He complains that playing with a human-sized PSP is like playing Tekken using a Dance Dance Revolution pad. 

So to amuse him, I bought him this old-school toy I found at Toycon a few weeks ago. He still wants a PSP of his own. Or a PS3. "Whatever works for your budget (but buy me one soon)." he says.

Alice enjoys reading books and random internet articles. She's a bit gullible at times, believing articles from unreliable news websites.

Having a Mac was a good choice for her since she tends to 'accidentally' click on Spam and virus-filled websites. "The link said I won a million dollars. That money will help you a lot Mother!" she says. 

Because its a 'picnic', these two have to have their favorite food.

Alice loves sweets. She tends to eat sweets most of the time. But she still remembers that she has to eat proper food and never forget to take her vitamins. Because of her love of sweets, she's pretty OC with her teeth so she makes sure she brushes her teeth three times a day.

Axis likes to eat cheesy food. Like pizza. And pizza. Yeah, pizza. He tends to just ask for whatever Alice wants, so I expect him to get a bad case of sweet tooth in the near future. He should also expect a visit to the dentist soon.

Alice: Hey, any success on that toy? You've been on that for an hour but the rings are still at the bottom. 

Axis: I'll get better on this I swear. What are you reading anyway?

Alice: Its about that tiny dinosaur they found on an uninhabited island near Mexico. A lot of other articles say that dinosaurs don't exist anymore, but I guess this will prove them wrong.

Axis: Alice, I don't think you should believe that article. See, the website doesn't look good and the pictures look badly Photoshoped.

Alice: But it says here that its true! They even have a scientist on board when they found the dinosaur.

Axis: Riiiiight. :|

Alice: Whatever. Don't believe me. But remember, when dinosaurs start to rule this planet again, you'll remember that a certain Alice Midgard told you so. Have a cookie?

Axis: Thanks for the tip.


Super duper special thanks to R.Angel Creations for making the bjd sized cookies, chocolate pieces, and pills! I can't get over how detailed her items are. Just look at them:

There's even a tiny kiwi slice on one of the chocolate pieces!

Want one? Contact her via her Facebook page! Click here.

And yes, I totally featured one of her items on one of my previous posts.

Thanks for reading!


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