Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 Things About Axis

Now it's Axis'turn! <3

What is overused favorite picture. XD

1. His ~real~ full name is Alexis Fall. Only a few selected people are allowed to call him by that. The name Alexis means "defender".

2. Axis speaks mainly English or Filipino. He also speaks a bit of French.

Photo by Sayou

3. He likes anything with cheese and wants to have everything with cheese. He once tried to add some to Alice's chocolate stash.

4. When he first came home, he had this annoying overly confident attitude. But when he finally met Alice, he started to tone down.

5. He automatically agreed to join El's future band merely because the band's inspiration would be Alice Nine. He has no idea what or who Alice Nine is.

6. He used to get nightmares on a regular basis and depended on sleeping pills just to get through the night. But ever since Alice started taking care of him, he's had less nightmares even without his meds.

7. He knows how to street fight (?) and knows how to use a sword. But he avoids violence because he thinks its a huge waste of time and energy.

8. He dislikes letting Alice going out alone and insists that he should always be with her for her safety.

9. He would always hold Alice close when they're together. "She might get lost" he says.

10. Axis is totally, madly in love with Alice. He can't/won't tell her though.


Finally dooooone~ Yay! Sorry for using the same pics over and over again. Axis definitely needs more pictures. On a side note, I just realized that most of his decent pics are taken from his right side. OTL

Thanks for reading! <3

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