Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 Things About Alice

To tell you the truth, I had a really had a hard time figuring out ten things about my resin kids. Of course I know their personalities, their quirks, their story... but somehow I find it hard to actually finalize everything. Maybe we're still in the process of getting to know each other. Or maybe, I just don't know which ones I should put here. lol 

Anyhoo, first up is my girl Alice! Here are ten random things about her:

1. Alice's full name is Alice Elizabeth Midgard. Alice means "noble, exalted" while Elizabeth means "God's promise".

2. She speaks mainly in English, but knows basic Filipino. She's always baffled by Filipino slang words or gay lingo.

3. She has a bad case of sweet tooth and likes to have her sweets with black coffee. She also loves burgers and would ask for them at least once a week.

4. She prefers wearing light and airy clothes, but enjoys wearing elaborate dresses once in a while.

Photo by Nix

5. She likes reading novels and random articles online, but barely remembers the title and the author. She only remembers a gist of the stories she read. She'a also a bit too gullible and easily believes any article she reads.

6. She enjoys tagging along on random trips and hopes that we'll be able to go out of the country someday.

7. She's very forgetful. That's why she has her Macbook with her most of the time to help her remember things. She also totes a notepad with her as a "back-up" in case her Macbook runs out of battery.

8.  She's a bit too innocent about the world. She does not understand strong emotions like love or anger or selfishness. She also does not understand why people want to hurt or hate others.

9. She keeps on having deja vu moments when she's with Axis. She finds it strange but slightly amusing.

10. She doesn't mind when Axis holds her close. She believes he has good reasons to act like that. She also says that she feels comfortable and safe when he does that.


Done! Yaaaaay~ I had to put up random photos because I can (actually its because I don't have new photos to show).

Thanks for reading! Axis' meme will be next! <3

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