Monday, August 27, 2012

Gray Areas

Went out with some awesome people yesterday. <3 We went to Little Tokyo for some Japanese food. I've always seen people having shoots there, so I thought it'll be the perfect opportunity to make new clothes and do a little shoot with Alice and Axis.

Photos by me and Daddeh M

More photos after the jump!

My planned shoot was done in less than 5 minutes. Too much sun ASDFGHJ!

Axis' fly is open *facepalm*

Matching set FTW! I used white denim for Axis' jeans and Alice's corset dress and stretchy gray fabric for his top and her tights (which is actually just shorts and long socks XD). Alice's crocheted gray hat and silver necklace are handmade as well.

I'm really really happy with how this set turned out. I used a generic SD pajama pattern for Axis' jeans, which I greatly modified to fit his huge ass, while the pattern for his top is my work. The pattern for Alice's corset dress is my work as well.

Axis found a new friend in Tiny Lego Man. I think he likes befriending people/things smaller than him. 

I loooove his new wig from Crobidoll. <3 Axis looks like a member of a Korean boyband. XD I have a coveted wig from the same company for Alice, but it keeps on crawling from my grasp. I shall have you soon, long curly milky blonde wig!

This is the second dress I made with a zipper. YES A ZIPPER! Achievement unlocked.

Axis' jeans is also another achievement unlocked for me. It still needs a few improvements, but I'm very happy with the outcome. It fits him so well. <3


Axis likes telling Alice stories about things he's seen. It can be about people he met, random objects he find, cute animals, or imaginary creatures.

Alice would listen and imagine seeing those things herself. 

Alice: Let's go on an adventure sometime. 

Axis: Sure. I'll go with you. 

Thanks for reading! <3

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