Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Post: Alice at Ayala Triangle!

A few months ago, Alice went with me to meet some friends at Ayala Triangle Park.

Since there was a possibility that she might be held by random strangers (there was a blogger event going on that day), I made her wear clothes that cover most of her resin body. Call me over-protective, but you'll never know.

Hello from the Philippines! ^o^)/

I'd like to note that the white blouse and her white tights are her most overused pieces of clothing. They're also the only clothes I actually bought for her (boots and wigs are, of course, bought. That's a given). The rest of her clothes are handmade.

That day, I ran into Tina - or Tinatonio on LJ. She's a fellow BJD enthusiast. Never got a picture with her though. XD 

We got a lot of stares from random strangers. Well, bringing around a large doll is a strange sight. Especially if the person carrying the doll is an adult. Well, at least they weren't rude, unlike some anime convention people. Ugh.

And finally, a rare picture of me with Alice. I think I haven't posted a pic of myself in this blog. Ever.


Random post is random. Thanks for reading! o/

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