Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Love Shopping!

Well, not really.

We're alive! Sorry for the inactivity. The past few weeks has been very busy for me. Had to attend a bunch of events and meet-ups. I also had to work on some stuff.

Manika Manila will be having its second sales meet on the 20th. Manika Manila Tiangge FTW! I signed up as a seller and I'll be selling skirts, dresses, accessories, and crocheted hats in various sizes. The denim and lace skirt Alice is wearing (along with all the stuff on the cart) are some of the things I'll sell on the meet. For more details about the meet, click here.

I'm totally excited about this meet. <3 I wasn't able to attend last year's sales meet because I just bought Alice that time and I was totally broke. XD This time, I'm looking forward to seeing what other people will sell. I'm planning to get some shirts/tops for both Alice and Axis (shirts are still my weakness). 

Buy from us ok? XD

See you on the 20th! <3

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