Friday, November 2, 2012

The Manika Manila Tiangge 2012

* Tiangge - a bazaar or a flea market

...added the year on the title because we will definitely have another one next year! Woohoo!

 The sales this year was simply awesome! As in AWESOME BALLS I'M ALREADY SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SALES MEET!!! XD We had over a hundred participants from all over the place. Aside from the active Manika Manila members, there were a LOT of unfamiliar faces. Hello random BJD owners popping up from nowhere!

It was my first time to join a sales meet and my first time to pre-make clothes for sale. As I mentioned in my last post, I made skirts, dresses, accessories, and crocheted hats in various sizes. It took me countless hours to finish a decent number of pieces. I was even sewing 'till 4 in the morning on the same day due to cramming and too much excitement! LOL. I think I ended up with, er, too much things to bring to the venue that is almost two hours away from home.

Two large carriers with one doll each plus most of my merchandise, a small leatherette bag for personal items, a shopping bag for more merchandise plus booth decorations, and a plastic bag for decorations. Yep, I somehow managed to bring them all. And I don't have a car. OTL 

Click for more pics!

The sellers were supposed to arrive an hour early before the tiangge opens. I managed to arrive 30 minutes before. I was able to "arrange" my small booth 30 seconds before the tiannge started.

Say hi to my arranged super messy booth. I promise to do better next year.

Here's a better photo of my booth (taken from Kass' blog).

Visit Kass' blog here.

I wasn't able go around much to take some photos. OTL Good thing I had my boyfriend with me that day to take a few shots around and to assist me in my booth (because without someone to stand in for me,  I wouldn't be able to snag a nice shirt for Axis, and a bag and a finger puppet for Alice). It was nice to have him around. He has really good PR skills! I think he made more than half of my sales that day. XD

Couple shot yay! Photo by Nix.

I'm a bit peeved that I didn't take photos of the stuff I sold, but here some of the items available that day.

This fluffy hat was available for a slightly limited pre-order. I only had a week to make a few of these for the tiangge!

This slim MSD-sized dress is one of my favorites. I used delicate lace to make the skirt part. This one's still available. Just in case you want it.

My first and only fully-lined EID sized skirt. I used denim and lace to make this one. I'm happy that this one went to Nix's Diva Wilde.

I commissioned R.Angel Creations again for some miniature clay food for dolls. Once again, she did a fantastic job! They look too small for SDs at first, but the size is just in scale with real life food. 

I decided to keep a few of these for myself and the rest went to the tiangge. A few packs are still available.

There were a lot of sellers this year. A lot of sellers mean a LOT of merchandise! A friend even said its like a mini Dollism. XD

Ultra busy sellers arranging their booths.

Here are some pics of the other booths. We only got a few shots.

Kass' booth, Chocochipmunk.

Jhul's The 5th Atelier.

MSD (plus a few SD) clothes party!!!

aaaand, A Little Wing's booth!

Few booth shots are feeeeew! My friends Nix and Kass has more photos here and here. But the next photo shows how many people attended the tiangge.

There were more behind me, and on the side, and, uh, they're everywhere!

The event lasted for 5 hours (well, 6 for us sellers). Here's how haggard my seller ID looked by the end of the day:

My LJ name is nekonekomadz. XD

I almost forgot to mention that we also had a photo booth for everyone. We were only able to have our taken at the end of the day, so pardon my haggard look. The boyfriend still looked energetic despite not being able to have a proper lunch that day.

Yes, it is currently my phone wallpaper. 

The tiangge was super tiring but fun! Super duper THANK YOU to those who dropped by my booth and bought my stuff. Seriously, I'm really really happy that people actually bought my stuff. :) I hope you guys enjoy the clothes I made. I also want to applaud and thank the MM Mods for organizing running the awesome event. Good job guys! Again, a big THANK YOU for everyone! *glomps everyone* 


Extra shots!

Alice: Ax, Mr. Panda wants to say hi.

Alice: Oooh, oooh, he looks like he's flying towards you! ^u^

Axis: Er, Alice, I think you're tired already.

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