Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Alice!

On Alice's birthday, she went with me to the office to hang out. She had fun chilling on my work station while reading all the reports I'm working on.

For the celebration part of her day, we opted to have a quiet evening at home with a few friends.

Guess who forgot to buy a candle?

Tiny Alpaca (aptly named Pinky) is Axis' gift for Alice.

On our way home, Alice picked this Midnight chocolate cake from Sugarhouse. It was delicious!

Hedgie the Hedgehog is seriously eyeing the cake.

Okay, everyone is eyeing the cake. RUN, CAKE, RUN!

Axis: Hey Alice...

Alice: Hm..?

Axis: I l... Happy Birthday.

Hooooboy. Someone seems to be having a hard time keeping some feelings in. 

Happy Birthday Alice! <3

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