Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Magi Shoot

A few weeks ago, we went to a nearby studio for a Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic shoot. My resin kids thought it would be fun to join the shoot so they tagged along.

They volunteered to 'model' for the photographers to check if the lighting is ok.

They had to re-do their piggy back pose just for the shoot. Everyone got a bit tense while they were doing this. :))

I really wanted to redo the piggy back shot at the studio because of the better lighting. Unfortunately, I accidentally set my camera at a lower resolution so all of my shots have a lot of noise. >.> 

A few more shots..

And, done!

After their 'shoot', they stayed on the sidelines as Ali Baba, Morgiana, Judal (x2!), Sinbad and his Generals posed away.

We didn't have an Aladdin, so Alpaca had to take the role.


Random trivia! This is Alice's second photoshoot experience in an actual studio. Here's a pic from her first last 2011.

Photo by Kuya Syl

And now, some human pics from the shoot!

Minus one Yamuraiha. Yes, we have doubles. XD Photo by Kuya Syl

  And one pic of ~me~ /shot. I was Pisti for the day.

ILU Alpaca-chan~ <3 Photo by Mei.

Thanks for looking! 

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