Thursday, June 13, 2013

No Carrier? No Problem

One of the first things I splurged on after getting Alice is a proper carrier. I always use public transport when I go around the metro, so a good carrier is a reasonable investment as a doll owner. Good thing I immediately found a local bag-maker accepts custom orders. Too bad they don't accept custom orders anymore.

From years ago. XD No watermark yet.

But now that I live in an area that's fairly close to where we usually hold meets, I no longer have the pressing need to always bring my dolls in a carrier. And to be honest, carriers are somewhat difficult to lug around. I tend to accidentally hit other people when I walk around with it. Its also difficult to find a hiding spot in our office locker area  for the carrier when I bring a doll to work.

So I decided to try something so dangerous that my previous overly-protective-BJD-mama self will freak out. I tried to bring my doll in a tote bag.

Click read more to see my ~*technique*~! Its not exactly new, but it works for me. This may also be useful for doll owners (especially SD owners) who don't have their own carriers yet.

You will need the following:

  • Tote bag
  • Zippered hoodie
  • Thick doll pillow (the one I have is from Iplehouse)
  • Head protector (beanie/hats/bonnets/anything to cover their heads) 
  • Facemask
First, make your doll wear a beanie/hat for head cushioning then place your facemask. This will protect your doll's head (beanie - head, facemask - face-up) from any possible bumps and whatnots. I used to do this before until I found this cute headgear.

I found this cute head protector by chance from a local seller. I wasn't sure at first if it'll fit my dolls, but luckily, it fits the head and the facemask perfectly! I am currently in the process of replicating this headgear for selling in the near future. 

Next, lay out your hoodie on a flat surface and place your doll on it. Make sure that you can cover at least the head if you fold the hoodie on the doll.

Zip up that hoodie! You can see here the the zipper ends right below Alice's head. 

Prop up the hood on your doll. This will protect the doll's head from sunlight. It also offers extra coverage and cushioning for the head.

Wrap the sleeves around the doll. This will keep your doll safely inside the hoodie. It also provides extra cushioning for the arms and torso.

Wrap the other sleeve around and tuck the ends to secure the sleeves in its position. 

Fold the bottom of the hoodie to wrap it around the doll's legs. Now we're done wrapping her up!

Place the thick pillow inside the tote bag. 

Now you're ready to let your doll sit inside! I opted not to tie the doll on the pillow since my tote bag is narrow and she won't be able move around in it much.

And you're done! You can now bring your doll around while waiting for your proper carrier. 

You even have a bit of extra space to put in light items like extra doll clothes or props.

This setup is also helpful if you are going through security where guards need to inspect your stuff. You can just lift up the hood and tell them its a doll. No need to fumble with zippers and straps.

I'd like to note that this is just a temporary way to bring around your doll. I would still recommend to get a proper carrier or at least a nicely padded closed bag - especially when you have to travel far. Safety first!

I hope this helps. Thanks for looking!


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