Monday, July 29, 2013

Alice at ToyCon 2013

Late post is late! OTL

Alice and I dropped by the ToyCon last June 16 to hang out with one of my friends and look around for some nice cheap toys. There's also a toy exhibit inside the convention hall, so we decided to check out the displays.

Awesome Kenshin figure is awesome!

Almost life-sized Mike and Sully!

Flashbomb! OTL

Some Marvel and DC super heroes.

A fellow BJD owner also displayed their doll! This one was with the Pinoy na Nag-Mamanyika group.

Some of their well dressed Barbies.

There were also some dioramas in the exhibit area. Here's one from Up!

There's Carl and Russel. Dug is not  there though.

Awesome Spiderman diorama! (Yes, this is a diorama)

And finally, Wolverine!

I was able to snag a large Mickey Mouse plushie (a gift for my best friend) and some balls of yarn and crochet hooks from Penguin Sews.

The crowd was getting big inside the convention hall, so I decided to just roam around the mall while waiting for my friend. A Dance Maniax session is in order.

Some noms are also in order.

Sashi-Maki from Karate Kid.

I think this was Beef Teriyaki? I forgot.

We dropped by the convention area again and found this Suiseiseki cosplayer! <3 Alice had to take a pic with her.

Alice had a pic with a Shinku cosplayer a few conventions ago, but unfortunately,my SD card erased that pic. :( I wasn't able to recover that photo.

After a long day, its nice to have some delicious drink from Happy Lemon.

And that's it! 'Til next post! 

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