Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manika Manila at Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp 2

Ohai! I didn't realize that its been over two weeks since I last posted anything. Life has been pretty busy but fun! I still don't have much time to sew, but I'm planning out my schedule for the next few weeks to accommodate that.

Anyway, Manika Manila was invited to have a BJD exhibit at Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp 2. The event was held last July 7 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia.

I was a part of the Ingress team, so we showed up at the venue very early.

Our color theme for the day was gray! :3

Random Alice - Axis pic.

Sleepy Alice is sleepy. * u *

After a bit of waiting, everyone arrived so we immediately set-up our table.

Early birds dolls! 14 dolls, 4 owners. Woot!

Other booths busy setting up their stations.

Since its still very early, I decided to walk around.



After a quick tour, I went back to our table to watch over the dolls.

The view from behind the table.

Hello people!

Some merchandise. I have some pre-made clothes for sale, as well as a doll bench.

A few hours later, more dolls arrived!

On the left.

On the right.

We had a few Dollfie Dream guests that day!


And Saber!!!

This one was over the Team Oniichan display booth. I don't know who she is though.

Speaking of Team Oniichan's booth...


The day was pretty long, so I went around a few times. One one of my rounds, I found this awesome BTX cosplay!

How awesome is that!

Back to the exhibit. I had to take one more 'group photo'.

On the left.

And on the right.

Dae was my favorite girl that day. In this photo, she shredded her Manika Manila flyer as she refused to hold one.

Robin was fun too! I had a chance to play with him for a bit and was amazed with this posing skills. He had to work as a "Bench Model" (heh) since his outfit didn't suit the exhibit's color theme.

Alice and Axis with Cuddles. People asked if they are a family. Ahihihihi /shot

And that's it! It was a fun yet tiring day for everyone. We had a lot of con-goers asking about BJDs and how they can purchase them. It was nice to meet aspiring BJD owners! I loved talking to them. It was nice to hear that even though this hobby is expensive, people are willing to save up so they can buy their own doll in the future. :)

Thank you Oh No for inviting Manika Manila! 'Till next time!

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