Monday, October 28, 2013

Elie's Box Opening!

As promised, here is Elie's box opening post!

Aurelie, or Elie for short, is a Lati Yellow Sunny. Sunny is one of the molds I have always wanted! I love her big eyes, her pouty lips and her fluffy cheeks. Hee~ Makes me wanna pinch her, gently of course.

I had Elie ordered direct from Latidoll last June 19, almost at the end of the order period that time. After almost 3 long months of waiting, Elie was marked as shipped by Lati last September 11, and finally arrived in the Philippines on September 16. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, my friend (who orders my dolls for me) was only able to pick her up at Customs on October 4.

While waiting for her to come home, I was itching to just blurt out my frustrations about the wait time on my social media accounts, but I wanted her to be a 'surprise' to my BJD friends who knew that I've always wanted to have my own Lati (hello MM girls!). I even brought her along during a doll meet (the MK meet), but she stayed in my bag since she doesn't have a face-up yet.

More babbling in this blog post. Now on with the box opening pictures!

The extremely battered outer box! One side of the box noted that it was received this way.

Our trusty scissors ready to do its job.

And the box is out! I think the box is too big for a little doll.

Inside is her Certificate of Authenticity and an instructional booklet on restringing.

Elie is out! Aside from the Certificate and the booklet, the basic package includes the doll (of course), a pair of glass eyes, two pairs of extra hands, the peace hands and clapping hands (?), a face mask, extra strings, and two fluffy pillows.

Another photo of the package. The inside of the box is divided into two. The smaller part contained the hands and strings.

When Alice and Axis came home years ago, I was extremely unprepared. They didn't have anything! No clothes nor shoes. Axis didn't even have a wig. But his time, I was a bit prepared for Elie's homecoming. 

The blouses, socks, and the two shoes in front are from Taobao, while the white mary janes are from Lati, which my friend bought from Dollism last July. The skirt is handmade, and the small jar on top contains glass candies for her. I also have a few left-over Lati dresses and crocheted hats from last year's MM Tiangge, which are now hers. We are now waiting for her own wig from a  Leeke Group Order.

All dressed up and ready to go!

Elie: I have candy. ^^

Last shot! <3

And that's it! I only have a few photos since I decided to take a video of the whole box opening. I'm not sure if I'll ever post it since I'm a bit embarrassed with how tiny my voice sounded on video. Haha. Maybe one day I'll post it.

For my next post, I'll share the photos of her face-up process, and a few new photos. 

Thanks for reading! /o/

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