Saturday, October 26, 2013

MM Tiangge 2013 Preview

A few more hours to go before this year's Manika Manila Tiangge! I'm very excited and nervous. Excited because this is one of the biggest MM events of the year and I'll be able to show off and sell the clothes I make, but at the same time, nervous because I feel like I'm not well-prepared. Gah, I only have a few more hours to finish all these clothes and work on my display. Haha. 

Sorry for blabbing too much! I missed blogging here. Anyway, here's a quick preview of the clothes I'll be selling tomorrow.


Axis: Oi Madz, these pants are too tight for me. I think it'll fit girls better.

Do you thing this is the right place Pan Pan?

*tap tap*

Axis: I'll get the door! Just stay right there and sew.

Axis: Who is it?

I... I'm Elie.

May I come in... Daddy?


Surprise! Say hi to Aurelie, or Elie for short. *insert troll face here*

Hello Manika Manila.

I'll properly introduce her soon-ish. See you guys tomorrow/later! <3


Random notes!

Haha, there really is no Tiangge preview photos, sorry! 

Back to sewing. Guh. Make. More. Clothes.

Special thanks to Kass and Miette for lending the wig!

PS. Please excuse the extremely grainy photos. I'm using a different camera and the lighting is weird. 

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