Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Elie's Face-Up

As promised, here is Elie's first face-up session with me.

My plan is to give her a natural face-up but with very pink cheeks since I love how fluffy they are. 

Freshly washed face! 

Another blank head photo.

The blush is a mix of red, white and flesh pastels. Looks a lot like real human make-up on this photo. 

Initial blushing. I used the same pastel mix on her cheeks, lips and eyes.

Trying to draw eyebrows (which did not show in this photo). I used a mix of brown, white, and flesh soft pastels for the shading, then added watercolor pencil lines later on. As usual, this took some time since its hard to make them look even.

Added eyebrow lines and eyeliner. She's starting to look complete!

From the other side.

Spraying~ I think she was at around 7+ MSC layers on this photo. 

Almost done! I kept the eyeliner really simple since she's just a little girl. I also added a lot of blushing on her cheeks, which extended all the way up to the sides of her eyes. I also added a small amount of yellow eyeshadow since she will have golden eyes in the future. She also has a bit of brown line on her lower eyelids to emphasize her eyes.

After a few more MSC layers, she's almost done! I added gloss on her lips and her eyes.

I chose not to draw lower lashes on her since I didn't want to risk ruining the face-up (since I'm not really that good). But I think the brown eyeliner made up for the lack of lower lashes.

Another angle.

And she's done!

I love how her face turned out! She looked sweet and innocent. I have a few mistakes here and there, but I'm happy with my work overall.

With some of the materials I used on her.

A few days later, we were able to borrow a temporary wig for her until her own wig from Leeke arrives. But to be honest, I already love this wig on her. I'm now planning to get her one exactly like this one from Crobidoll in the near future.


With Pan-Pan. <3

And here is a recent photo of Elie. She has now claimed my randoseru as her room and is currently moving her plushies and my Sylvanian Families set in. She has also decided that it will be fun to sneak in my office bag everyday so she can come with me because "your office is fun and there's a lot of people."

How can you resist this face?

And that's it! Thanks for reading!

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