Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Axis Fall's Box Opening!

My feelings for him was unexpected.

It all started when I viewed R727's deviant art account where I saw him - Griffin, an Iplehouse Mars. He was handsome, and the character was pretty lovable. It was a harmless crush, just like how I'm attracted to Anj's Dice or Iplehouse's Asa - I like them but I don't want to have them. Or so I thought.

Right after the moment I acknowledged my crush on him, he started bugging me. His name would show up everywhere. He was so persistent that I decided that maybe I'll buy him by early 2013 since I probably have some spare money by that time. Then Iplehouse decided to discontinue their original Y.I.D. line.

That's when it hit me. I felt sad.

I didn't know why I felt that sad. I was that attached to the mold? I can just find any other guy on the market, there are tons of pretty doll boys. But this guy was pretty persistent. He gave me a story. A story that connected to Alice so much I couldn't resist.

And with tons of support from my friends, I caved in.

Oh, and did I mention that I claimed that I will never buy a guy doll months ago? Right.

More than a month later, a notice came saying he'll land in the Philippines on February 29. A few days later..

A huge box arrived. It was so huge I can almost hide behind it.

It said the contents are fragile. But Kuya EMS still almost repacked him face down. Oh, the horror.

According to this, he left Korea on the 29th. EMS said he did arrive in the Philippines the same day.

Let's get you out, shall we? (Yes, I was poking the 'fragile' sticker)

After a few minutes of struggling


Its a bag within a box! My friend thought it was cool that Iplehouse includes a carrier bag instead of boxes for YIDs.

Now who is the happy owner? XDD

A close-up of the logo. Just because. 

Fufufufufu~ (random captions are random!)

First out, his Certificate of Authenticity!

Then his "grabby" hands. I got him extra hands for he's a man, and he has to carry weapons at some point in his life.

And of course, a set of strings and extra s-hooks and a magnet. Is it just me, or the strings are too thin for SDs?

Now on to the main event!

He shocked my by showing his, er, peen first thing when I took him out. This guy seems to be too proud confident. XD

It was actually my first time to see a guy doll's private part. XDD

Off goes the bottom wrap! He was obviously loosely strung. Ultra floppy legs!

Axis: Mrfhhhletmeouth!!

Tadaaa! Hai gais! XD (His eyes popped out while shipping)

Ooh, a logo on his head cap. Fancy.

Iple gave him blue-green gradient acrylic eyes. They're pretty, but kinda not his type.

Eyes popped back in! Hello handsome!

He was loosely strung by Iple but he can stand on his own.

Obviously, I'm not very prepared for Axis. Right now, he's still staying in his box, waiting for me to attempt to give him a face-up (yes, I will do my very first face-up attempt on him), sew/buy his clothes,  and buy him some shoes and a wig. Yay me. Right now, I'm in the process of collecting face-up materials and trying to figure-out guy clothes.

We haven't bonded much yet, as I am very busy with work. >.> I was also very sick when he came home so no sewing for me for a few days. OTL But so far, I've been seriously pinched by his torso joint once, kicked twice, and had my hands filled with resin dust (he was quite dusty). I hope I can start working on him on Sunday when I get back from the office outing. Ah, lots of things to do. XD Anyway...

Welcome home Axis Fall! <3


  1. 8DDDD CONGRATS!!! He's handsome even without a face-up. Can't wait to see what you do with him. ^o^

  2. Yay Axis!!! ♥ X) Congrats indeed, Madz~ So happy for you. :3 And excited to see what you're planning for him as well~

  3. why u sneaky sneaky sneaky madz!!!!! heheheheh...congrats teh!!! am so excited to see him in person!

  4. Cute! Congratulations! I'd love to see how he comes out after faceup and clothes and stuff :D Please keep us posted :D


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