Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Summer Time!

My office held its annual summer outing yesterday at Canyon Cove in Batangas.

It was a beautiful (yet far) place. It took us almost three hours just to get there. The travel was worth it though.

An emo-ing chair. Just because.

I wasn't able to take much photos of the place and I actually forgot to copy the nice ones on my USB, wtf but all I can say is the place is so, so beautiful. The water temp was just right and the beach was wide enough to accommodate a lot of people. The water was super clear too! They also have a banana boat ride (BANANA BOAT FTW!), jet ski rentals, and snorkeling.

I always take a photo of my feet when I'm in a new place.

Anyway, this is a BJD blog right?

It was the perfect chance to take Alice to the beach. Axis wanted to come but he's face-less until now, so he'll just have to wait for my next trip.

Alice says hi!

I had second thoughts about bring Alice. Mainly because its a beach and beaches are sunny and sand can scratch resin and might get in between her joints. Right. But after contemplating long and hard, I ended up bringing her so she can experience going to the beach. 

I was extra cautious of course. No direct sunlight and extra care when posing her in the sand.

I was lucky that there were trees on the beach. This particular spot was covered enough for a mini-shoot.

One of my fave shots. <3

After our mini-shoot, I immediately inspected her for scratches and sand in between her joints. I found none, fortunately. I also did a quick clean-up and carefully removed the sand in between her toes with a gummy eraser (the sand will stick to the eraser so no worries about scratches). 

Oh, and I crocheted everything she wore to the beach! It was my first time to crochet a bikini and I had no pattern on hand, so I was pretty pleased with the turn-out. I still have to refine the panties though because they don't fit well. 

And then, we had to leave.

While waiting for everyone to board the bus.

She sneaked onto the driver seat and pretended to drive the bus. My officemates found it amusing. The driver (who caught us, eep!) laughed real hard.

Alice bonding with my teammate. I  wonder what they're looking at.

It was fun! I look forward to bringing Alice (and Axis of course) to new places soon. :)


  1. Beach shoots are super fun!!! ♥ I was more daring (and careless) than you, though. *takes stupid risks for the sake of photos* I was cringing the whole time they were out in the sun, though. :| (the results XD)

    May shots din ako with my feet and doll feet... X) I love those types of shots. :3 And as usual, great job on the bikini!! *o* Alice is just lovely and the color is perfect for her. :3

    1. Thaaaanks! <3 Forever praning ako so, yeah. XD

  2. Awww that's so cute! Thanks for sharing that tip with the eraser! :D

    1. *u* thanks! XD I think it should work with anything that sticks in between their toes too.

  3. haha binyag na sa beach! goojob. :3
    I also used to be super praning, now a little less, I understand what you mean.
    I love the bikini btw, and the floppy hat. :3
    Thanks for sharing.

    <3 Anj

    1. AAAAAAANJ!! <3 lol, binyag sa beach. XD Hopefully kasama na si Axis next time.

      I'm always praning when it comes to my dolls. Partly because I'm still new-ish and partly because I can't replace/repair them yet if I damage them. XD

  4. taray!!!! ma-gala xa!!!!


    1. Oo nga e! Kung saan-saan nakakapunta. XD

  5. We've been there last summer! Beautiful place!
    I lover her knitted bikini!
    Thanks for sharing <3


  6. Ang cute ng bikini ni Alice! Pwede ka kayang ma-commission for bikinis for my girls? Hihihihi! <3

    1. Ahihi, thanks! XD

      Pwede naman. I'll accept after I'm done with my current commish pieces. XD


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