Friday, March 2, 2012

Manika Manila: Red Velvet Valentine Meet

Ohai! While waiting for Mr. Fall to come home, I figure I should start working on my late account on Manika Manila's Red Velvet Valentine Meet!

We invaded the space! Yay for reservations!

The meet was held at Stacy's, located at Capitol Hills in Quezon City.

photo by Nix

Despite the fact that the resto was located far north of Metro Manila, 28 people and 44 dolls (correct me if I'm wrong) were able to attend the meet. 

The theme of the meet was to wear RED. A lot of people kinda panicked on the day the meet was announced ("My kids have no red clothes!"), but this somehow "forced" people to juice out their creativity and make clothes for their dolls.

On with the photos! A lot of my shots were blurred. >.>

First up is KA's Adarna and Alice! Both are wearing dresses I made. *u*

Hai Ceth, sleepy!Josh and Jared!

Twin Asa's (Youya and Wyvie) and a DD Mikuru!!! *dies* I've been a fan of Iplehouse's Asa ever since they released it. I have no intention of getting one, I'd rather look at them and admire the beauty.

QUIBBLE!!! He's one of my favorite dolls in the community. *u* Such a cutie patootie. He attended the meet with his girlfriend, LaToya.

Of course I had to have a photo of Quib with Alice. <3

And then, there's Pau's Solara and Harper. Solara was the recepient of the commissioned kimono I made some time ago. (Pau, I demand pics!)

Dae: NO PICTUWSH! (Latispeak is hard >.>)

Children! <3 U can has a hug Pip. XD

ZitaxDiva *nosebleeds* My Mom adores Zita very much.

A handsome Datu appears!

More handsome men!

Jared trying to cosplay Aahil using the fur wig I made. Aahil is not amused. (You two are handsome too btw~ XD)

Oh Naya. <3 She wore an awesome dress made by Arvie. XD

Mori girl Blair! <3 She totally fit in the place. Follow her blog Catching Fireflies!

When suddenly, one of the dolls I've been waiting for appeared.

AXIEEEEEE *squees* I read all photostories about her a year ago when I was researching about Doll-Love Alice. She was the one of the reasons that convinced me to go ahead and buy my own Alice. <3

From the back. Light and darkness, anyone?

Alice: Mother, this is perfect for you. :)

MOAR CHILDREN! With LaToya doing her best camouflage among the flowers. (Ohai Nix!)

Quib: That wuz awesum WuToyuh! Dew that againnn! (Lati owners, HOW DO YOU DO THIS THING?!) *edited XD

Quib being cute (and trying to camouflage on Alice's sleeve?). Last Quib pic, promise!

And finally,
An incomplete dollie group photo with our awesome MM Mods! <3

And, that's it! I had a lot of fun at the event. I wanted to include more pictures, but a lot of my shots were blurred. TAT And I realized that I didn't have a decent pic of KA's Prins and Adarna together. 

About the place:

Stacy's is located at Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center, 1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1101 Quezon City. They are open for reservations! Call them at (+632)9526843 / (+63927)3262244 / (+63933)4427661 / (+63917)8472229 

Their food was great! I had some baked chicken with chunky tomato sauce with parmesan and mozzarella cheese. The service was also awesome! <3

My food. *drool*

The place was very cozy and cute. They had a lot of pretty decorations, and a cute mini garden for kids! Sadly, I didn't take much photos of the place. >.>

Everyone wanted to steal that mini sewing machine. I pretty much wanted to steal everything. LOL


Extra Alice shots!

Both are posted on her Tumblr Account.

Thanks for reading! Ho-ray for Manika Manila! <3


  1. Thanks for the recap! \o/ It was nice seeing you and Alice again! ^o^

    1. It was nice seeing Blair too! <3 and you too of course. XD

  2. Yayyyy do love the meet report! X3 ♥
    omg so many Quib pics!! *3* So happy you like him so muchhh. c:
    Lol Latispeak is a complicated language. =))
    Quib's Latispeak is different from Dae's though~
    More like...
    Quib: That wuz awesum WuhToyuh! Dew that againnn!
    =)) ang labo hahahaha

    1. Oh dear that's HARD. So parang ma-"u" si Quib? XD


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