Friday, March 23, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Dress

I was looking through some of my photos on Flickr when I found a set of photos I took last December. Then I realized that I haven't featured this staple dress Alice has been wearing for months.

Pic is obviously old since it still my old watermark.

Say hello to Alice's "Manilyn Monroe" cream dress. It is heavily inspired by Marilyn's dress in that iconic photo of hers (the one with her skirt blown up). The dress is made with cotton lace and a random white fabric from my stash for lining. You can see a bit of the lace detail on the photo below.

An even older photo.

The dress is corseted at the back. I used the eye parts of a hook and eye set (same technique I used for the Black Swan costume

Majority of the dress is hand-stitched. It was also my first experiment on lining a dress. It doesn't look that pretty on the inside, but I'm glad with how it turned out.

With Imahica's Maya

I consider this dress as her "to-go" dress. She usually wears it when we go meet some friends or when I'm too lazy to think of an outfit for her. Also, it looks good on her only pair of shoes. :D I think all dolls should have that one "to-go" outfit for all occasions.

Bonus shot:

Abrupt end of post! Thanks for reading!

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