Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long Weekend Day-Out

Axis went out for the first time last weekend! :D He knew he was going with Alice, so he insisted that they should have a matching outfit.

Axis was trying to have a moment with Alice, but she seemed to be uninterested. XD

I totally salute you guys who bring two or more dolls during meets. These two were heavy!!

Since it was an extra-long weekend, I managed to make Axis a kimono using some spare fabric I have lying around. His pants were a bit of a failure though, it was too short! :D I'll make him another one tomorrow (in a midnight blue cotton) for Sunday's Ozine Fest.

We first went to a mini-meet with Sayou and KA. Sayou bought Axis's best friend/scheming buddy Kamael, who wore his kimono to match Axis. KA bought her (emo)Li and Prins.

El and Axis were having a serious planning session. Prins seems to be interested.

Yeaaah, those two kept on scheming the whole day.

I borrowed the fur wig for Axis from KA, while his boots were bought from Sayou. Finally, my little boy looks decent.

After our quick doll meet, I had to go to my friend's birthday dinner. Of course, the two tagged along.

Axis and Alice sitting in a tree! K...

The Podium had this pretty Easter-themed sakura tree display, so I had to have a pic of the two under it.

Axis was quick to offer chocolates to... heeeey, that's my Godiva Axis!

Trying to do some sweet talk. >.> (Alice says thanks to Sayou for her pretty necklace. :D)

XDDDDDDDD (In other news, I kinda want to blush their hands.)

Axis: You're from China, right? What should we order?

The two ended their day at Shi Lin, a Chinese restaurant that serves delicious Xiao Long Bao. 

It was the first time I introduced my dolls to my best friends from high school. They were kind of baffled by how much these dolls cost and somehow couldn't understand why I spend that much on dolls. I told them that its just like how other people spend on the things they want, like buying/collecting gadgets. "To each his own," I said. My best friend's niece said she was bothered by my dolls because they kept looking at her. XD

I'm looking forward to see the MM peeps on Ozine Fest this weekend. See you guys there!


  1. You are most welcome Alice :3 I think El would like to plan more with Alexis XDD

  2. The shoot under that sakura tree in Podium is my fave.
    Podium mall has the nicest displays I've seen. :)


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