Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Face-Up!

Note: I redid Axis' face-up! Click here to see his new face. :)

After weeks of major busyness and stress from work, I finally got the chance to sit down and finally work on Axis' face-up.

Without further ado, here's Axis!

More details after the jump!

I mentioned on Axis' box opening post that I'll be doing my first ever face-up trial on my boy. It was an adventurous decision on my end, considering that I have little to no skill in painting. Well, I did try to paint a few times before but only on a flat surface. I don't even do make-up, even on myself, so painting a 3d object is very new to me.  

Anyway, on to my first face-up experiment. I used the following materials on his face:
  • MSC Flat
  • Faber Castel Watercolor Pencils
  • Mungyo soft pastels
  • Tamiya Gloss
  • Mr. Hobby Thinner
  • Tamiya brushes and that one nice looking brush from NBS
And mainly used this tutorial as a guide.

Based on what I read on tutorials, the MSC can must be a bit warm before using to avoid clouding. Well, my MSC can was warm, but my first spray went white. OTL Most probably because it was humid, but it can also be due to the head being cold. Good thing I had a small bottle of Mr. Hobby Thinner to redo my first coating.

The part that took a loooot of my time were the eyebrows. Gaaaah, eyebrows. It took me a while to make them look balanced. Turning the head upside-down did help a lot since its easier to judge if the face is balanced.

 Kinda balanced, but not perfect.

I somehow managed to trap some dust on his face around the 5th MSC layer. >.> I tried to remove one, but I damaged the coat so I left the rest alone. They're not that noticeable on photos, but are very visible in person. I'll let it go for now, and consider them as his "beauty marks".

Generally, I'm absolutely happy with how he turned out. I still have a lot of room for improvement but for my first try, I think I did pretty well. I kinda over-did his eyeliner though. lol

Some pointers for myself:

  • Get a new pencil sharpener!
  • Find a very very small eraser for those hard to reach corners.
  • Hold on the eyeliner! He looks slightly gay. XD

Axis looks pleased. In fact, he was so pleased his over-confidence levels went extra high.

"I'm still manly even with Alice's wig right?"

"And I still look good even without a wig. Daaaaang!"

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for a wig. So sexy it hurts."

I.. I have no idea where he got this attitude. >.>

Thanks for reading!


  1. He looks great for a first faceup. :3 <3 And that wig makes him look like a greek god. X}


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