Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey Alice!

Hi Mom.

Its really hot here in the Philippines.


Remember the bikini I made for Alice for our company outing?

It was cute but I used yarn so the proportions are off. It was too thick for a BJD bikini. So I decided to make another one using some cotton Canon crochet thread. It turned pretty well.

Noticed her ice cream sundae? I got that from R. Angel Creations last Ozine Fest. Their handmade clay creations are pretty cool! I love how detailed their stuff are. 

Go like their page here!

PS. During the shoot, someone was having a bad case of nosebleed. He begged me not to take a picture of him, but he looked like this:

From here

Sheesh, this boy. XD


  1. hahaha cuuute! I love her bikini!!! and oh man, ang galing nung icecream xox I want!

    Oh man,I need to but me some nice thread for knitting but idk where :c

    1. Thanks! <3

      I usually get thread from Carolina's or National Bookstore. But for more (MOARRRR) options, there's Dreams Yarn Shoppe at Glorietta 5, 3rd floor. They have tons of knotting and crocheting materials there.


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