Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random photos + a costume preview!

The past few weeks has been deadly busy. Right after the sales meet, I started working on a few costumes for the Manika Manila Halloween Meet (which will be on the 17th!!!). I swear, after I finish these costumes, I'll take some serious time off from my sewing machine.

Anyhoo, some random photos:

This is Maki, a.k.a. The Machine Gun. Ruffling like a boss.

There's a slightly NSFW pic after the jump. Please be careful. XD
Restrung Alice for the first time! She needed some general cleaning, so I had to take her apart and put her back together. Didn't re-do her full-body MSC though. 

Side notes on restringing: The only tools I used to restring Alice are two crochet hooks and a long thin ribbon. The ribbon helped me pull her elastics through the holes while the crochet hooks acted as clamps to hold the elastics in place. The hooks also helped pulling the ribbon through tiny holes. Oh, and I also used a hair dryer to make sure her insides are dry before I put her back together.

Learned how to shirr! * u * This was also after I cleaned and restrung Alice.

Not his most flattering shot. XD I was just playing around with my camera and he was on my lap.

And finally, a tiny preview of one of the costumes I'm working on for the Halloween Meet:

Can you guess what I'm working on? XD 

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