Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Little Shoe Collection

December was a flurry of Winter sales, Christmas doll-related shopping sprees, and Taobao Group Orders. I knew this was my chance to buy some much needed items so I joined a few G.O.s to save on shipping and custom fees. 

I now have an actual shoe collection for my crew! /o/ Finally!

They've been using the same pair of shoes for months so I knew I had to hoard shoes. My bank account is not happy though.

And here's my current shoe collection. They're not much, but at least I can now do a lot of looks for Alice and Axis.

My first pair of BJD shoes ever! My friend went to Hong Kong in 2011, so I asked her to grab a pair of shoes for Alice. Although its hard to make Alice stand in this pair, it has served Alice well.

Axis' first pair of boots. Actually, Alice borrowed this first (back when she doesn't have shoes yet) but Axis eventually became the owner of this pair. My friend got this from her Taobao order years ago.

And now, my shoe loot from last December's Group Orders! First up is my loot from Dark Blue Taobao.

Alice is not a lolita, but she tends to wear a lot of loli-ish clothes so platform lolita shoes are a must for her wardrobe. Surprisingly, I can make her stand easily in this pair! The only thing I disliked is the material used. They're soft and nicks easily so I have to use this with care.

Axis' boots are pretty much all around, but I'd love to see him in something different. Well, these are still boots, but... nah, I just like this pair. Haha. For some reason, he can easily stand in these too! This pair seems to be sturdy and doesn't nick easily. Love! <3

A girl should always have plain pumps that she can pair with anything. Fortunately, Dark Blue has plain white pumps so I instantly listed this pair. Alice can use this for both loli outfits and casuals. 

The first three pairs was supposed to be my only shoe loot, but Luts suddenly held a huge Boxing Day sale with up to 50% off on shoes, wigs, and clothes. My wallet was relatively thin, but who can resist a 50% off discount from Luts? *insert Yao face meme here* No regrets for this purchase though, the shoes are fantastic!

I originally wanted the crown-themed white shoes, but they quickly got sold-out so I settled for this pretty black pair. Alice may need black shoes anyway. I love how detailed and realistic Luts shoes are! The closures are real! They feel sturdy as well so I feel that I can use and abuse this pair. Looks like I need to make darker clothes for Alice. :D

I opted to buy white shoes for Axis for future matching outfits. I was amused with this pair because I actually have to tie and untie the laces! How realistic. They're a bit too big for Ax though, but he can just use his thick socks.

And that's it! I don't think I'll need buy more shoes anytime soon.

Thanks for reading!

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