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Manika Manila Valentine's Meet 2013: Blind Date

Last year, we had a simple Valentine's Meet at Stacy's. Our dolls dressed in their best red outfits, we had delicious food, and us humans had a lot of fun. This year, the awesome Mods of Manika Manila whipped up something new for one of our major meets of the year.

And can I just say: ONE OF THE BEST. MEETS. EVER. I keep on saying that our meets are awesome and blah blah, but this one goes straight to the top. No joke. I don't even know how they come up with these things, I swear.

Warning: Long and pic heavy post ahead!

First, let us define a Blind Date.

Blind Date - A social engagement between two persons who have not previously met, usually arranged by a mutual acquaintance. (from Wikipedia)

We had our meet at Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking restaurant, the one I blogged a few weeks back (read it here). It was great meet venue since the place was quiet and cozy. The restaurant was open to public, but we pretty much occupied the whole place. I only wish the lights were brighter.

We registered our dolls (up to two per person) and grouped them by size. The Mods will then draw names to see which pairs would go on a date for the day.

But before anything wild happens, humans have to eat first.

Stuffed Pljeskavica


And my favorite


Prim and proper people. This only happens when everyone has food on their tables.

While waiting for the draw and seating arrangement, I took a few of pictures of the attendees.

We had Mariposa, Adarna, Alice, Axis, and Nao on our table.

F4 anyone?

I took a photo of the window near our table and got this slightly creepy pic. BJD ghosts?

Cuties Rocky and Pora visited our table for a bit. Rocky is wearing one of the Lati dresses I made last Tiangge.

These cuties showed off their skills by doing a double head stand. Pora had zero difficulty doing this one because of her, er, large head.

Frei and Blake from the other table. Awesome instruments boys!

Newcomers Namie, Ems, and Aeris. Hello girls!

When suddenly, items!

Two shoes and some headcaps from our Luts Boxing G.O.

And a string of hair wefts from Leeke! I'm glad Eve Cream is the same shade as Crobi's Milky Blonde. Also, I love the fibers! <3

Now on to the main event!

Axis opted not to join the activity since there were too many boys on the initial registration list. Actually he just wanted to keep an eye on Alice's date.

And Alice was paired with...

Azriel! I heard Az is a bit unlucky with girls. Or love. Or dates. He may be eyeing Diva or Zita, but at least he got paired with a girl.

Axis sat nearby. I am watching you, red-head.

Everyone on their seats!

To keep things interesting for the dates, the mods handed out a set of questions for everyone to answer. From here, things got pretty interesting.

Question 1: What is your best personal characteristic? Your worst?

Alice: For my best characteristic, I think I'm a caring person. My worst? I'm very, very forgetful. I may even forget your name later.

Az: Oh, you will remember my name later. Marunong naman akong dumistansya sa babae kapag taken na. (I know how to distance myself from girls who are already taken) At isa akong maginoo pero medyo..... (I am a gentleman but I am a bit....) *snickers*

Question 2: What is your dream job?
Alice: I don't think I have one. But I guess I'd like to remember my past.

Az: Matulog at kumain habang buhay! (To eat and sleep, forever)

And for the best headache inducing question!

Question 3: If you could be an ice cream flavor, what would it be? Why?


Az: Magnum. In various flavors. With nuts.

Question 4: What does your room look like?

Alice: Clean and neat. With lots of cream and white sheets.

Az: Cream and white sheets? I like that. Magulo. (Messy)

Question 5: If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Alice: None. Some things exist to keep the balance.

Az: Bakit ba naimbento ang damit? (Why did they even invent clothes?)

They still had time to answer a few more questions, so we asked for another set.

Question 6: If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Alice: I'd visit all my friends and loved ones.

Az: Ibigay nyo sakin ang lahat ng babae sa mundo! (I want all the women in the world!)

Question 7: Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?

Alice: I like Madoka of Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Az: Si Johnny Bravo. Pareho kami sa maraming bagay. (We are similar in a lot of ways)

Question 8: What article of clothing most describes your personality?

Alice: Dresses.

Az: Gusto ko yan. Feminine dresses a. Briefs. Bahag din pwede. (Loincloth)

Az... Where are you looking?

Question 9: If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Alice: I'd like to buy a farm with a lot of plants and animals to take care of.

Az: Gusto ko ng malaking mansyon na puno ng super models. Gusto ko lahat ng contestants ng ANTM! (I want a huge mansion full of super models. I want all the contestants of ANTM!)

See my awful handwriting notes here.

And that's it! We had to stop it there because things are getting a bit out of hand. Ricci (Az's owner) and I were having a huge headache because of Az's answers. Good lord man, take it easy on that innocent girl!

I needed to cool off a bit so I left them to look around.

Chris and Isha (Isha wanted to be paired with Az).

Jared with Adarna and Mariposa with Li.

Maven with... Ea? (please correct me if I'm wrong) Maven is wearing one of my dresses! /o/

Foreign visitors Hunter and Aiden! <3

Lovers Endo and Rose. Afufufufu <3

Another pair of lovers! Addie with Jared.

Starr (whose date is missing) and Diva with Jove.

Ichigo with Robin (Ichigo looks a bit annoyed) and Auber with Magnolia.

Children!!! <3 Rocky, Nola!, Ziggy, and Pora.

Nao with Lucy and Hugo with Silas.

Ave with Zita and spectators Patch, Makiling, Amihan and Lakan

and finally, cutiepies Windy and Miette. <3

When I got back to our table...

Together alone. Right.

These two were still talking.

See that stalker?

All blind date participants are required to get a photo together in the table setting.

Awesome furniture by The 5th Atelier!

Someone just had to join the photo. (Az: Waiter, yung bill.)

And that's it! It took me more than an hour to write this and I'm currently out or words. LOL. We had a great time! Alice enjoyed her date with Az.

On our way home, she said Az was an interesting interesting person and asked why we laughed out loud when Az said that he's a Magnum in various flavors, with nuts. I guess I have to hide the Macbook so she won't Google that.

Thanks for reading and see you next meet! I LOVE MM! <3


Axis having a dance-off with Elu (it's Elu's first meet!). Matchig outfit, yes.

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