Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Swan Queen

Note: Majority of the contents of this post is already on Den of Angels :)

Last November, Manika Manila held its annual (???) Halloween meet. Of course, dolls should come in costume. I've gone through several designs drawing and one failed gown attempt before deciding on making a Black Swan outfit for Alice.


(photo by Kuro-Akira)

Everything was handmade except for the crown and the tights. I got the crown from the Children's Accessories are of a local department store while the white tights are from a Taobao shop.

Here are the costume details.

Sorry for the skewed first photo XD

The corset top was hand-sewn/molded to fit Alice's shape. I used venice lace since it can hold shape pretty well - plus, the pattern's pretty! I basically manipulated the lace details by sewing them on the curved sides to make the bust part, then stitched the body part one by one according to shape (I hope I make sense here). I decided to make a corset closure at the back to make sure that the fit will be perfect.


I'm not sure if BJD sized corset closures (IDK what its called) so I used the eye part of a hook and eye set instead. The smallest satin ribbons work fine with these.

The pancake tutu is made from organza fabric, some more venice lace, and ribbons. I used a human version pancake tutu tutorial to make this. Its mostly handmade since my sewing machine can't handle the volume of the organza. 




I used an automatic and some sandwiched ribbons in between the organza to close this thing.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The corset was a pain to work on but I'm happy with the result. I still need to improve on her footwear (I made a fail!sandals because I couldn't figure out how to make ballet flats). Hopefully, I can learn how to make shoes in the near future.
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