Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alice Goes to La Mesa Ecopark!

Hey there! How was your weekend? I spent most of my time at home sewing and watching The Walking Dead. Yeah, I'm late when it comes to TV shows. >.> It's intense and creepy but it's a must watch! I tell you, I wanted to stop half-way through the first episode, but I soldiered on because I was too intrigued about what will happen next.

But last (last last?) weekend was pretty tiring! My Mom and her officemates decided that we all should go to La Mesa Ecopark for a short outing. I thought I might get bored most of the day, so I brought Alice to accompany me.

La Mesa Ecopark is located in East Fairview Subdivision, Quezon City. Yep, its within Metro Manila! Its right beside the La Mesa Watershed, which is the source of Metro Manila's water supply. I won't go much into the details, but you can visit their website to find out more!

I've been to the park once before, but since it was Alice's first time, we had to get a photo of our feet on the ground. :)

I spent most of the day sitting on one side, crocheting while Alice holds my yarn ball. But I also spent a good time eating...


glorious food.

We had more, but I didn't take much photos.

While resting, I walked around and posed Alice a bit.

She can now stand on her own for a long time!

Can we go for a walk?

Mom wanted to go trekking a bit. Seeing an opportunity to shoot Alice in the middle of the forest, I brought her along.

We're going this way, right?

We got lost for a good 30 minutes. My grandma (the one in pink) was slightly annoyed because she thought we were only going to the restroom. XD

On this episode of LOST...

We found a very cute banana blossom. With tiny bananas.


And finally, we found our way back!

Dancing ensued.

Ohai cute little horse! *u*

I ended up doing a mini-photoshoot with Alice at the amphitheater area. I had to do it quickly since it was sunny and we were catching too much attention from other visitors. 

In case you're wondering, Sayou bought the lace parasol from a shop in Hong Kong.

Hello from La Mesa Ecopark!


I left early to meet some friends. I dropped by Healthway Greenbelt first to pick-up my boyfriend.

Hello from Healthway!

The nurses were fascinated by my "baby". When one nurse saw Alice, she went back to her office and dragged out two more nurses. XD

Hey Axis, you never told me about your watch store!


They next day, we went to see some people to pick up our Mako Eyes and a certain head.

Hello head! (Alice is wearing her new Mako Eyes here)

That's it for Alice's long weekend out! I'm planning to do a quick review on the eyes over the weekend, and maybe a mini shoot of the things I made over the past few days. I'm also thinking of making Alice's trips with me a 'regular' segment on this blog. Alice's Adventures? XD

Thanks for reading!

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