Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini-Review: Makoeyes V2

Delayed review is delayed! Pshh.

When Makoeyes announced that they'll be doing Launch Event for their Revamped V2 eyes, Sayou asked me if I want to join their mini-G.O. (Group Order). I was kinda broke that time but since its a two for one event (buy one, take one), I decided to give it a go. Who wouldn't want a nice pair of urethane eyes at $12.50 each right?

The eyes inside are NOT Mako Eyes. XD

After much deliberation on which pair I should get, I settled on a pretty emerald green eyes for Alice and golden brown ones for Axis. Both photos were taken from the website.

According to their website, the V2 eyes have enhanced 3D pupils that give the eyes a more realistic look. The iris was also deeper and more rounded, giving the eyes better depth which makes them catch more light. Oooh~

Shipping was pretty quick on our end considering we bought the eyes during an event. We had our eyes shipped via EMS.

First thing I noticed was the packaging. Super nice and very presentable! Although I don't think the foam will prevent the eyes from falling off and bouncing around the box. Oh, the horror of receiving scratched eyes.

(taken with flash)

The eyes look way better in person. As described, the eyes look very realistic and it does capture the light very well. The dome is pretty low so they fit well on my dolls. Mako cuts/trims the glass stem behind the eyes, so it's a yay for those who get their fingers cut by sharp stems. Although I kinda wish mine had those sine they help me when I position eyes.

The eyes will 'track' or follow you when you take photos with flash, which is great since it'll be easier to get those intense-stare photos (although glass eyes do the same). They also photograph better than acrylics. The depth seem to be the same as my glass eyes in person, but Makoeyes translate better in photos.

I obviously don't have new pictures of Axis.

Upon closer inspection, one of Axis's eyes appear to have a rim around the edges. They're not that noticeable though. 

Overall, I say that my purchase from Makoeyes is a good buy! Great quality at a good price. Although I'm not sure if I'll purchase from them on their regular rate at $25 per pair - yes, I'm a cheapo - I'll recommend them to everyone! If they'll hold another two for one event, I will consider buying from them again.

Thanks for reading!

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