Saturday, May 5, 2012

BJD Quiz!

Grabbed from... a lot of people. XD

List your crew!
Alice Midgard - Doll Love Alice
Axis Fall - Iplehouse Mars

Who was your first doll? Do you still own him, her, or it?
Alice, my Doll Love Alice. <3 Of course she'll never leave my side. *clings*

Who is your favorite doll?
Alice. <3 Though I'm slightly obsessed with Axis right now, Alice is still my favorite.

Which doll do you hope or plan to buy next?
Not sure yet. I'm eyeing tinies but I haven't settled on a mold yet.

Quick! You've instantly got $800 and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it's gone forever! Who do you pick?
Now? As in right now? I can get a few dolls with that right? If possible, I'd get myself a few Lati Yellows, a Dreaming Alice head, and maybe a bunch of clothes and shoes for everyone.

Quick! You've instantly got enough money for any one and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it's gone forever, but this time you have to buy the doll for someone else! Who gets the dolly, and what do you get them?
Maybe a Crobidoll Zion for Sayou (because he's such a cutie), or I should just ask her which one on her list goes first. Oooor, I'll just get bodies for Drei and her other floating head.

Are you currently waiting on any dolls, heads, or bodies?
Nope! No money for that >.>

Do any of your dolls seem to like you to the point that they are infatuated with you?
Err, what?

Do any of your dolls seem to dislike or even hate you?
Nah, I don't think so.

Who's your most expensive doll at the time you purchased them, not counting items you bought separately for them?
Axis at almost $500 last January 2012.

Who's the least expensive doll you own?
Alice at $310 + shipping.

Is there a limit to what you'd spend on a doll?
Yes. Axis almost reached my limit for a doll. For doll items, I won't buy expensive clothing, like those gowns or OOAK dresses, because I'd rather make them.

Which doll did you wait for the longest for so far?
Axis and Alice both came in at around 5 weeks.

Which doll had the shortest wait so far?
See above answer.

Who's the biggest doll you own?
Axis at 63cm.

Who's the smallest doll you own?
Alice at 58cm.

Got any floating heads? If yes, how likely are they to receive bodies anytime soon?

Got any floating bodies?
I wish? LOL

Do you have any extra, unclaimed pairs of eyes? How many if so?
I think I have 6 extra pairs. I usually use them when my dolls have to dress-up.

Do you have any extra, unclaimed wigs? How many if so?
I do, but all of them are 'claimed' by Alice since she usually changes her hair-do. She has 4 wigs at the moment, and I plan to get her more.

Anything you've said "never" to in the hobby that you later gave in to?
I once said I'll never get a boy. >.> I kinda said that Alice will be my only doll but that was instantly broken when I saw tinies.

Do you own dolls that aren't BJDs?
I have two neglected obitsus at home. I kinda want to sell them to pullip owners (who could probably use their bodies) but I can't bring myself to do that yet. I also own a lot of plushies.

What was your last doll-related purchase?
Two pairs of Mako Eyes, thanks to their buy one, take one promo.

What do you expect your next doll-related purchase to be?
Maybe some Crobi wigs? Or some casual shoes or just flat shoes for Alice.

What was the last doll-related thing to arrive to you by mail?
The Mako Eyes I guess, though I've never had items directly shipped at home yet.

What was the last doll-related thing you purchased in person?
Boots for Axis, bought from Sayou. <3

Not counting floating heads, floating bodies, and anything on layaway (paid off dolls count), how many dolls do you own?

The quiz is over! Any last words? 
This was long. XD

Alice says hi!

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  1. I think I might have to grab this quiz and do it myself 8D Very interesting answers here!


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