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How to save up for your first BJD Part 2: Saving

Note: This is the second part of my How to save up for your first BJD posts. :) See the first one here.

Now that you know your target for your first BJD, here comes the difficult part: saving. This can get quite difficult, depending on your attitude on spending and saving.

Write down or print-out the details of your future doll purchase. Make sure you have all the details on paper: the doll mold, the items you'll be buying with your doll, prices, and shipping. Place it somewhere you can always see it - this will serve as your constant reminder on why you're saving up in the first place.

Oh Soo, beloved Soo. *u*

The saving part can take some time, depending on how much money you can spare at any given time.

Let's say you get Php 10,000 in a month.

Excel FTW!

Jot down the things you really need to spend on in a month. That should include your important bills and necessities. Don't scrimp on your food! If there's anything you need to sacrifice while saving, it should be those that are totally unnecessary, like that extra ride you take instead of walking for 5 minutes or that extra order of dessert even if you're already full. Subtract the amount you need to spend in a month from your money, and you'll know how much extra money you have in a month.

Where should I keep my dolly fund?

I suggest keeping your spare money in a separate bank account. You may opt to call this your 'dolly funds account'. Having a separate account for your doll fund will help you avoid 'seeing' and using your spare money since its 'hidden' from your spending money. Its easier to save when your extra money is out of your hands.

Ideally, this should be separate from your emergency funds account (if you have one) or from your personal savings account, but this depends on your preference. In my case, I use my paycheck account for my regular expenses while my personal account is for general saving purposes.

How long do I have to save up?

This will totally depend on how much you can actually spare in a month and how strict you are with your savings. Strict, meaning you don't touch your dolly funds for surprise unnecessary splurges.

I.. forgot to round-off the numbers for the months. OTL

If Soo costs $847, and (for example) the exchange rate is at Php 44 = $ 1, you'll need to save P37,268 to buy her. Let's say you are able to save Php 3,000 in a month for your doll fund. If you are able to save that much every month, you'll be able to complete your doll fund in about 13 months.

More than a year of saving. Slightly discouraging? Yes. Is waiting this long possible? Hell YES! I'm believe that if you really, really want a doll to go home to your arms, you can wait. Patience is a virtue!

Can my saving time go shorter?

Of course. There are ways for you to help yourself save more. Got a skill in sewing? Why not sew some stuff and sell them to your friends. Are you skilled enough in drawing? Take commissions! Is your birthday/Christmas/New Year coming up? Ask for monetary gift instead and add it to your dolly fund. You can also sell some of your stuff that you don't use. 

You can even go as far as asking from your parents, godparents or grandparents if they can spare a bit of money for your fund. Don't be pushy of course, they are not obliged to give you money for your doll.

Should I just settle for another doll because he/she is expensive?

Yes and no. If you think that you can spend that money on other more important things like school or medicine instead of just a doll, then by all means, go and find another one. There are lots of reputable companies out there that have beautiful dolls at a lower price.

But, if you think that you'll regret not buying that one doll you've always wanted, then keep on saving! Work hard for the doll that you want. When Iplehouse announced that Mars will be discontinued after January 31, I was distraught and thought that I should just settle for another one. But when my friend asked me about what I would feel if I never got him, I realized that I would totally regret it. That even if I get another doll, I'd still think about him every once in a while.


I hope I gave you a good idea on how to save up for your first BJD. Saving that much is not impossible. It will definitely take some time but by saving little by little, you can eventually gather the amount you need to get the doll you want.

Look at the doll you want. Do you really want to take him/her home? Then start saving now!

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