Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Monster Commission

A few months ago, I received an inquiry for a few dresses for Blythe and Monster High dolls. I was a bit hesitant to accept at first, but hey, a commission is a commission. Also, I wanted to see if I can actually make  dresses in that scale.

To help me with this commission, I asked a friend to lend me her MH doll, Misfit. Super thanks Kuri! <3

She's wearing the Blythe dress in this photo. XD

More photos after the jump!

It was fun working with a Monster High doll! It was difficult to figure out a pattern though. There are several MH dress patterns available online (just Google "Monster High dress pattern") but most of them needed a lot of tweaking to get a good fit.

This blue dress required the most pattern tweaking. I used a normal shirt pattern and modified it to get the pattern for the top part of the dress. The skirt is just a long rectangle pleated to fit the top.

The lace are pleated by hand then hand-stitched on the skirt. The head piece is hand-stitched as well.

The last piece I worked on was this black gown. This ate up most of my time since I had to pleat A LOT of organza ribbon for the skirt. This gown was originally a one-piece, but the skirt was too heavy so I had to separate it from the top.

The top was made with a shiny stretch fabric. I turned it into a swim-suit like piece so that it can be stretched to hug her body.

After weeks of having Misfit with me, I can say that I am starting to appreciate Monster High dolls. I love how slender their bodies are. Very modelesque! I liked her so much that I'm seriously considering getting my own Monster High doll. Hoho~ I wish they're a bit bigger though. Sewing for small dolls are hard! :D

Super thanks to Richelle for letting me make dresses for her MH dolls and Kuri for letting Misfit stay over! <3

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