Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random photos... Again! XD

Yet another set of random pictures from my camera. I should seriously devote time to arrange my stuff. :)

Axis *finally* got a few much needed items from our Taobao G.O. He got two shirts, two briefs, and a new pair of shoes! We're still waiting for a pair of jeans from Cross Church and another pair of shoes from another G.O.

This is Shimao Atsushi from the anime Natsuyuki Rendevous. And he kinda looks like Axis. Hoho~ XD. Please watch this series if you have time! <3

And now, for some really really delayed photos!

I met up with some of my friends last Christmas for some yummy Japanese food at Little Tokyo in Makati. We bought our dolls to join the party.

From L-R: Nao, Axis, Ziggy (on Axis' lap), Alice, Kamael, Artemis, and Game.

I made the Santa hats! I used fleece to make them. :)

Axis spent his first Christmas at home with Alice. They opened the gifts they got from the Manika Manila Monito meet together. <3 

Finally, we have a few residents in our house! They are the Milk Rabbit Family from Sylvanian Families. I actually got them last November as an anniversary gift from my bf. :)


And that's it! I am currently working on a few commission pieces, plus an IOU dress gift for a friend. I'm also working on the last wig review post and a few more posts about some new items at home. :)

Manika Manila will be having its Valentine's meet this Saturday! The theme this year is Blind Date. See you there! :)

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