Sunday, February 10, 2013

Balkan Dinner

A few weeks ago, I met up with a few Manika Manila friends to hand-over their Taobao G.O. loot. We decided to have dinner in this Yugoslavian restaurant near our offices.

Its my first time to try Yugoslavian food. To be honest, its not really that different (or maybe I was expecting something really different?). But still, its really really good!

Glorious, glorious food~

The food is good for sharing, so we decided to order three different dishes for us four. This way, we get to try more dishes without spending too much. In general, the food is really tasty! They're a tad bit pricey, but not that expensive.

We ordered the following dishes:

Batak. Grilled boneless chicken thigh, topped with melted mozzarella. (290php)

Balkanski Kebab. Grilled chicken breast embraced by smoked bacon. (330php)

Sopska. Cucumber, tomatoes, onion, feta cheese, and olives. (200php)

Palacinke. Traditional Serbian crepes filled with Nutella. (120php)

TOTALLY LOVED PALACINKE. I'm a big fan of chocolate desserts and it definitely satisfied my chocolate craving that night. <3 Okay, I just had to let it out.

We also have a few doll guests that night.

Alice and Miette. <3

Misfit! She stayed with me for a few weeks to help me with a Monster High dress commission.

Auber was also there, but I forgot to take a picture of her in her beautiful Dollheart dress set.

We had a bit of "Make Miette Stand" contest. This is Kass trying to make Miette stand on one foot. She was successful on her first try!

Alice finally got some new shoes from our Taobao G.O. She can now stand without much fuss.

Standing semi-cross-legged! So happy with her new shoes.

We will be back at Balkan really soon, so expect another food-filled post. You guys don't mind, right? 


Balkan is located at Ground Floor, Maripola Building, 109 Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Contact them at 0917-547-4188.

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