Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clothes Evolution!

When Alice came home, she had no belongings. No clothes, no shoes, just her default underwear, a free wig, and glass eyes. >.> See, I was too nervous about her getting home that I didn't even think about getting her a few sets of clothes. Plus, I ran out of money and I was a noob in BJD clothes shopping.

So when she came home, I scrambled and made her an A-line dress out of an existing shirt and some scrap lace pieces:

Long wig is loooooong

It was ok for my first try IMO. But as a lady, she needed better looking clothes:

photo by Kuya Syl of The Daily Blend

This was her first decent dress set I made. I used some nice printed cotton and hand-stitched the whole thing together. She doesn't use the whole set that much anymore, but she regularly uses the skirt part on normal days.

Then I made her a nice lace skirt with some spare fabric and more (MOAR) lace pieces:

By this time, I was able to do some Taobao shopping for some basic clothes and some wigs. My friend also got  her a pair of boots from Hong Kong.

Though she's usually seen wearing very lady-like clothes, she sometime prefer wearing ultra-comfy clothes at home:

Oho[] <3

I'm getting better at making clothes now! I have a few dress sets that deserve their own posts. :D I also started trying to take some commissions for simple clothing, like kimonos, dresses and skirts. Right now, my BJD-related dream is to be able to buy myself a Tiny using commission money *insert evil laugh here*.

More clothes photos soon! 

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  1. You can never have too much lace. NEVER!
    loljk. XD


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