Sunday, February 19, 2012

New wig from Crobidoll!

Since I started my bjd hobby, I've been hearing a lot of people raving about the quality of Crobidoll wigs. They say that though the price (plus shipping) is a bit pricey, the quality's fantastic. So when my friend Sayou, placed an order for a doll, I immediately asked her to include a wig for Alice.

And when I got my order... oh dear, I don't think I'll ever go back to other brands.

She now looks like a character from one of Anne Rice's novels XDD

I originally wanted a long curly wig, but I made a mistake in my description (LOL) and Sayou accidentally ordered a different wig. At least its in Alice's color (blonde forever!). But this mohair wig looks so pretty on her. The wig is so fluffy and feels soft to touch. It also doesn't tangle much. Overall, I can say that the quality of this wig is very good!

Alice was also able to try a fiber wig (which Sayou bought for her Kamael):

Alice looks good as a red head. Oh no. XD

All the wigs I got for Alice are from Sunny's Wonderful World. They have thin fibers and are shiny. It looks ok when photographed under natural light, but does not look too good when photographed with flash. But the fiber wig from Crobidoll looks waaaaaay better than those wigs. I was totally impressed with the quality. <3 The whole wig was thick and not shiny. The above photo was taken with flash and the shine looks very natural. It doesn't tangle easily too! Love it.

Overall, I'm really really impressed with the wigs that we got from Crobidoll. I think I'm doomed to buy Alice's next wigs from Crobi. I still want that curly milky blonde wig with bangs. <3

All photos on this post were taken by Sayou! <3

Also, this is not a sponsored post. I wish it were. 


  1. OMG...Alice looks pretty.
    I gotta see and feel those Crobi wigs.
    To experience is to believe (I don't like the idea of falling in love with Crobi wigs bec it's expensive) haha

    1. I'll bring the mohair wig on Saturday. XD

      Pa-GO ka na~ *trollfeys*

  2. OwO thanks for sharing! Those wigs do look great. I've only ever bought wigs from Leeke World. They're nice, but I expected more. Maybe I'll try Crobi next time.

    LOL I wish my product posts were sponsored, too, hahaha! XDDD

    1. Blair's wig feels nice! XD I'm not sure if I'll ever try Leeke World, Crobi just cursed me into loving their wigs!

      Fufufufu, sponsored posts pls *gets shot*. XD


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