Sunday, February 12, 2012

Current W.I.P.s

Hi guys! How are you?

I'm still mourning for the loss of my cat, Loki. :( He went to the Rainbow Bridge too soon. But instead of just wallowing in sadness, I decided to work on some pending pieces and edit some work in progress photos to post here.

First up, a boater hat:

I crocheted it using some hemp rope. It was kinda hard to work on since hemp rope is not as flexible as yarn, but I like how it turned out. I'm in the process of making another one since my first trial was too big for Alice, though I'll still embellish it and probably sell it to someone with a bigger head.

Next, a high-waist skirt for Alice:

This is actually a practice piece on the fabric I bought for a commission. It was my first time to work on soft cotton fabric so I had to test it first and see how I should work with it. It turned out  better than expected (not without a lot of snags and RAAAGE moments). This project is currently on hold since I plan on experimenting with zippers with this piece.

And finally, the kimono commission piece:

I loooooove the prints I chose for this piece. It was supposed to have a red obi, but the color won't suit the kimono print well so I opted for a pink-er fabric. Pau, I hope you like the prints I chose!

And that's it for now! I'm currently working on the kimono commission. I'm done sewing the obi, and I'm 20% done on the body. I'm also working on the second hemp hat (I only crochet while traveling to/from work) for an outfit I plan to make for Alice.

Aah, so much work to do, so little time. :D


  1. *3* Oooh can't wait to see the finished products!
    Blair is looking longingly at that hemp hat. >_>

    1. Aha! I knew Blair would look at that hat. XDD


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